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Jun 28, 2013 · Re: Can't-check-w/-nuts rule IMO, this rule makes a lot more sense in cash games than it does in tournaments. In a tournament, there can be valod reasons to check the nuts.

POKER Find The Nuts -- Best Possible Free Download Can you FIND THE NUTS! The nuts is the best possible hand in Texas Hold 'Em. If your two hole cards plus a combination of the five on the board make theThis is a fun simple little game to see if you can spot the nuts (though not so simple to program). Just press the check or the X if you think you have it. Poker Terms | Poker Terminology & Definitions |… Understand the Poker Terminology by using our Poker GlossaryBefore the flop, your hand looked like the nuts – after, not so much. Your opponent doesn’t know that, so you bet again anyway.Enables a player to buy back into a tournament (normally the first hour) if they were to lose all their... Checking Back The Nuts The disallowing of checking or flat-calling with the nuts is a rule usually only implemented in tournaments, and not cash games. The main reason behind ruling against this practice is to avoid any potential collusion between two or more... The Poker Blueprint | Betting In Poker (4.7K views)

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In poker, "flopping the nuts" refers to when a player flops the absolute best hand. For instance - let's say that you are playing in an online cash game.The flop comes 4d-6h-8s, which means that you have "flopped the nuts". At this point in the hand, your hand is absolutely unbeatable. In poker What is the nuts

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I never have; but it's also pretty rare to see someone check back the absolute nuts as well. But I have actually seen some rec players just call a river bet rather than raise with the nuts, when they think the other player is a nice guy. Poker Rules Checking The Nuts On The River - Recevez vos ... Checking the Nuts in Texas Hold'em Poker – Not Betting the …What does 'checking the nuts' mean in regards to poker … Checking the Nuts in Texas Hold'em Poker. … Darvin Moon hits the 'nuts' on the river at the 2010 … Checking The Nuts – Poker Hendon Mob… Checking The Nuts. … both players check. The river card is the 10 of clubs and both … There is an old old rule in poker that ... Check back | Flop Turn River Created by bigspenda73 on October 2, 2009. Definition. To check a street (with the initiative) after your opponent has checked to you. Example. All I had was a gut shot so I decided to check back the turn.

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Jan 13, 2017 ... 4) When H doesn't check back, V decides to bluff because "fuck you I had a .... So we have more nuts than him River when he x to us than it's a ... Poker Terms: Poker Definitions & Slang - 888poker Welcome to 888poker's comprehensive poker terms glossary where you'll get in-depth explanations of the most popular poker ... Check this glossary entry for examples of how blocker effects might be utilized. ..... Slowroll – To take a long time to call when we are closing the action and have the effective nuts. .... Back to top. Poker Glossary - ConJelCo Almost all casinos permit check-raising, and it is an important poker tactic. ... back rather than playing out the hand if nobody calls or raises in front of them. ..... For instance, suppose you have a draw to the nut flush with one card left to come. Glossary of Poker Terms - haseeb qureshi Dec 15, 2013 ... This is a glossary of common poker terms. Suggest additions or ... Check Back To check after you've been checked to. Check Down To check ...