Frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using metasurface

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Frequency-Reconfigurable Antenna Using Metasurface

A Study of Reconfigurable Multiband Antenna for Wireless Application ... An UWB Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna by Using ... Mohammad M. proposed a Reconfigurable Antenna with Extended U-Slot used as a Switchable Polarization for Wireless Applications. In IEEE Antennas and Propagation S.W. Cheung - Editorial Board - Scientific Research Publishing S.W. Cheung serves as the editorial board member in Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation (SCIRP). I have done a seminar on frequency reconfigurable antenna ... I have done a seminar on frequency reconfigurable antenna using metasurface. What thesis topic related to antennas should I select? ... What is the difference between slot antenna and patch antenna? Can you suggest any good research topic in antenna design? What is the relation between antenna length and frequency? S.W. Cheung - Editorial Board - Scientific Research Publishing

Article: Frequency-Reconfigurable Antenna using

Frequency-Reconfigurable Slot Antenna Enabled by Thin ... Abstract: A frequency-reconfigurable slot antenna using metasurface (MS) is proposed. Two identical anisotropic MS layers are loaded on top of a slot to achieve the frequency reconfigurability. The MS layer is composed of a periodic arrangement of I-shaped metallic inclusions placed in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna Using Metasurface for ... AbstractA frequency-reconfigurable antenna designed using metasurface (MS) to operate at around 5 GHz is studied and proposed. The frequency-reconfigurable metasurfaced (FRMS) antenna is composed of a simple circular patch antenna and a circular MS with the same diameter of 40 mm and implemented using planar technology.

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A wideband reconfigurable slot antenna for long-term evolution (4G-LTE) and C-band applications was presented in [62]. Its design contains a pair ofOne important method makes use of an active electromagnetic band gap (EBG) or metasurface structure along with switches on top of the antenna...

In this paper a multifunctional antenna is presented which offers an ultra-wideband (UWB) operation, an UWB operation with two switchable notches and reconfigurable dual-band operation for Wimax and WLAN applications, ...

Design of miniaturized reconfigurable slot antenna using