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Cabal Online top 100 Page result: 50 - Private servers ... Cabal Online - Private servers, Guides, free servers ... exp x500-full English- 4 RING SLOTS Altar of ... Details High Rate Cabal Server Exp 100x Skill Exp 60x Craft ... CABAL Online - ABOUT CABAL - Beginner’s Guide - STEP 3 ... What's Skill Rank? In CABAL Online, skills have ranks like your character has levels. Each time you use a skill, a certain amount of the skill experience points is gained, allowing you to increase your Skill Rank when enough points are accumulated. Cabal Online Top 100 - Free Private Servers Strikes-Zone Cabal Exp 450x,Skill Exp 400x,Craft 300x,Drop 150x,Reset Sistem with KEEP STATS Working,Vote reward sistem for cash shop,Nice CashShop with ALZ,PREMIUM USER FREE,good comunity,dedicated server 24/7,Hosted in ROMANIA,JOIN NOW! Cabal Online – Episode 19 – Official Full Patch notes – Mr. Wormy

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Cabal Online.Server Features: Almost updated up to EP10 above No Gladiator Class Several modification on all skills per class (Balanced for high rate server) EP10 skills Added a lot of items from clean EP8 server files EOD B3f and Awakening FT B2f Custom Skills and NPC Added all costumes...

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Jul 30, 2015 ... CABAL, CABAL Online, Clashing Nations, Nevareth, REVOLUTION OF ACTION, BATTLE MODE, MMO, ... Force Gems; Costume Slot Options; New Daily Quests; Abandoned City; UI Renewal; Palladium Set; Voice Chat .... Max Critical Rate Up .... Removed quest complete, level up, skill up, item looting, etc.